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Springtime is the most exciting time of the year because here at Guthrie Greenhouses we aren’t just growers, we are gardeners too.  Every year we plant our own trial gardens to evaluate and experiment with new and exciting varieties before we make them available to our retailers.  We want to ensure that the plants you purchase have the best habit for our extremely challenging climate.  We continually evaluate and evolve our product offering to make sure the consumer is successful with their gardening and landscaping when using our Red Dirt Plants.

At Guthrie Greenhouses we only ship our plants when their foliage is spilling over the pot, their root systems are mature and thriving, and their flowers are big, blooming, and beautiful.  Depending on the weather, our first spring orders begin shipping at the end of February and we are usually sold out for the season by the first or second week in June.

•   4 inch pots


•   4 ½ inch pots


•   6 inch pots


•   1 gallon pots


•   11 inch hanging baskets


•   12 inch patio pots


•   14 inch premium hanging baskets


Visit our plant library to see photos and information on all of our Red Dirt Plants.


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